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Wet Pan Mill

The wet pan mill can be used for the grinding operations of gold, silver, copper, iron, molybdenum, quartz and other ores, especially in the grinding work of various vein gold mines, rock gold mines, placer gold mines, and associated gold mines. A wide range of minerals (natural gold, fractured gold, coated gold, fine-grained gold, fine-grained gold) can achieve good grinding indicators, providing favorable conditions for subsequent gold selection operations.

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Working principle

The motor is driven by the V-belt to the gearbox, and then the gearbox drives the rollers, so that the rollers rotate in a clockwise direction. When the raw materials in the basin rotate with the rollers, they follow the rotation of the rollers, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. At the same time, raw materials are stirred-rolled-crushed-rolled repeatedly with the friction of rollers and the pan to achieve a certain degree of fineness and then discharged with water to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

Wet pan mill is used for the recovery of tailings in the mineral ore process, without the loss of mineral powder, so that effective resources can be fully utilized. If you are interested it, please contact us online.


  • High grinding efficiency

    Large crushing ratio; the proportion of 80-200 mesh products can reach more than 95%.

  • Durable in use

    The machine is assembled with special casting parts and it has precision design which makes the machine to be durable.

  • Low investment

    Wet pan mill has simple structure and less wearing parts thus easy to do maintenance and request low investment.


	  Gold Ore Wet Pan Mill in Zimbabwe

    Gold Ore Wet Pan Mill in Zimbabwe

	  Gold Wet Pan Mill in South Africa

    Gold Wet Pan Mill in South Africa

	  Gold Stone Wet Pan Mill in Tanzania

    Gold Stone Wet Pan Mill in Tanzania

Technical Specifications

Model Roller dia. (mm) Pan dia. (mm) Suggest feeding size (mm) Daily capacity(t) power (kw) Rotation speed (rpm)
1100 1100 1780 30 10 4P5.5 17-19
1200 1200 1780 30 15 6P7.5 17-19
1400 1400 1880 30 25 6P15 16-18
1500 1500 1880 30 35 6P22 19-21
1600 1600 1880 30 45 6P30 19-21
Model Roller dia. (mm) Pan dia. (mm) Daily capacity(t) power (kw)
1100 1100 1780 10 4P5.5
1200 1200 1780 15 6P7.5
1400 1400 1880 25 6P15
1500 1500 1880 35 6P22
1600 1600 1880 45 6P30

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