HST Series ™ Combined Vibrating Feeder HST Series ™ Combined Vibrating Feeder

HST Series ™Combined Vibrating Feeder


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HST Series ™ Combined Vibrating Feeder

HST Series split-type feeding-screening unit is a combined type designed and developed by our company, for high content and high viscosity of fine-grained materials in the raw materials before primary crushing, which are difficult to be effectively screened out by ordinary feeders. It can efficiently solve your fine-grained material screening problem, thereby improving the work efficiency and output of the primary crushing equipment, and reducing the wear and tear of the crusher.

The feeding-screening unit is composed of an independent plate feeder and a bar screen. The plate feeder precisely controls the feeding amount. The bar screen runs independently after being separated from the feeder, which is not affected by the frequency of the feeder. Stroke size and rotation speed can be set individually, thus providing a better screening effect. The maximum feeding size is 950 mm, and the maximum feeding volume is 800 t/h.

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  • It is driven by the vibration motor, which is easy to adjust on-site, with the low failure rate and long maintenance cycle;

  • The vibrating screen operates independently and is not affected by the working frequency of the feeder, which can better screen out fine-grained materials;

  • The bottom of the feeder is equipped with wear-resistant lining plates as standard to prolong the life of the equipment;

  • The vibrating screen is a two-layer structure, with the upper layer of deer strips and the lower layer of screens, which can directly pre-screen two kinds of fine materials.

Completely new design of HXZG

  •   Flat feeder

    Flat feeder

  •   Bar screen for pre-treatment

    Bar screen for pre-treatment

Technical Specifications

Model Trough Size
Lendth Of The Bar
Maximum Feeding Size
Application Maximum Processing Capacity
HSF1040 1000×4000 1×1200 700 Fixed/Mobile 400-840 15
HSF1245 1200×4500 1×1200 800 Fixed/Mobile 500-1080 22
HSF1262(S) 1200×6200 2×900 800 Fixed 500-1080 22
HSF1345 1300×4500 1×1200 900 Fixed/Mobile 750-1150 22
HSF1362(S) 1300×6200 2×900 900 Fixed 750-1150 30
HSF1562(S) 1500×6200 2×900 1000 Fixed 800-1320 30
HSF1862(S) 1800×6200 2×900 1200 Fixed 1040-1560 37
HSF2162 2100×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed/Mobile 1200-1860 37
HSF2462 2400×6200 2×900 1500 Fixed 1360-2040 2×30

the types with (S) means you can choose additional sieve layer

Model Maximum Feeding Size
Maximum Processing Capacity
HSF1040 700 400-840
HSF1245 800 500-1080
HSF1262(S) 800 500-1080
HSF1345 900 750-1150
HSF1362(S) 900 750-1150
HSF1562(S) 1000 800-1320
HSF1862(S) 1200 1040-1560
HSF2162 1500 1200-1860
HSF2462 1500 1360-2040

the types with (S) means you can choose additional sieve layer

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