SFLM Series Ultra-fine Vertical Grinding Mill SFLM Series Ultra-fine Vertical Grinding Mill

SFLM SeriesUltra-fine Vertical Grinding Mill


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SFLM Series Ultra-fine Vertical Grinding Mill

SFLM series ultrafine vertical grinding machine is based on HLM vertical grinding machine, combined with related technologies from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, designed and developed large ultrafine vertical grinding equipment suitable for the development requirements of non-metallic mining industry, which is an ideal equipment for the large-scale production of ultrafine powder with high efficiency and high yield, environmental protection and energy saving.

Widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals and other industries, suitable for limestone, calcite, marble, heavy calcium, pyrophyllite, talc and other minerals ultrafine powder production and processing. Especially in the field of ultrafine white non-metallic ore grinding has excellent performance, can provide high-quality fillers and additives for paper, coatings, pigments, plastics, rubber PVC, ink and other industries.

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  • High Grinding Efficiency

    Specially designed roller sleeve and liner grinding curve for ultrafine powder grinding, it is easier to form the material layer, high grinding efficiency, and high one-time grinding yield.

  • High Degree of Automation

    Using PLC/DCS automatic control system, can achieve remote control, easy to operate.

  • Stable Product Quality

    The product quality is stable, the finished product contains less iron, has high whiteness and clarity, and the product particle shape is uniform.

  • The Powder Separator Is Highly Efficient and Energy Saving

    The fineness of the finished product can be achieved within the selected range by adopting the principle of frequency conversion multi-head sepa- rator. Energy saving 30%-50% than ordinary mill.

  • Green and environmental protection

    Equipment vibration is small, low noise, the overall seal is good, the system operates under negative pressure, no dust spillover, meet national environmental protection requirements.

  • Low comprehensive investment cost

    It integrates grinding, grading, drying and transportation. The system design is simple and reasonable, the layout is compact, the floor space is small, and it can be arranged in the open air, greatly reducing investment costs.

Technical Specifications

Models Main machine power
Powder classifier power
Fan Power
Grinding material particle size D90
Moisture of grinding material Capacity
SFLM1000 132-185 4×15 90-132 <10(Max15) <3% 3-12
SFLM1200 220-280 6×15 185-200 4-14
SFLM1300 315-355 7×15 200-250 5-16
SFLM1500 355-400 8×15 280-315 7-18
SFLM1700 450-500 9×15 315-355 8-22

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materials And Feeding Sizes.

Models Main machine power
SFLM1000 132-185 3-12
SFLM1200 220-280 4-14
SFLM1300 315-355 5-16
SFLM1500 355-400 7-18
SFLM1700 450-500 8-22

Note:processing Capacity May Vary With Different Materials And Feeding Sizes.


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